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I became a yoga teacher to create a safe environment for anyone to practice yoga, no matter what age, shape, fitness level or gender.

Striving to make the classes affordable for all. 


Situated in Guidepost, Northumberland, Jogaflows Studio offers a variety of traditional Hatha yoga techniques in movement, breath and meditation to help each student practice yoga on their own personal level. All poses are adapted to suit all levels.

Yoga is not about how you look- its about how it makes you feel physically, mentally and spirituality.

Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle?


Relax & Renew

This class is perfect for students looking for a meaningful mind &

body experience on their mat. Get ready to stretch and strengthen your body.

Spaces are limited for this class, so early booking is recommended.


Monday & Tuesday : 5:55PM & 7:05 PM

Wednesday: 5:55PM & 7.15pm

Thursday 7.00PM

Prices from £6.50 per class or
Block book 6 sessions for £33

RESTORATIVE YOGA & Meditation Classes

Sunday - Monthly

£10.00 per class

For More Details Email Me At;

Alternatively Call Me At 07850583852

Yoga Session
Iyengar Yoga
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