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Holistic Therapies With Jo

A range of relaxing holistic treatments are offered to help you restore harmony and well-being to your body, mind and spirit. Holistic therapy treats the person as a whole and concentrates on restoring harmony and well-being to the body, mind, and spirit. Both physical and emotional well-being depends upon the balance and flow of energy through the body. Holistic Therapy helps to restore this balance by allowing the body to heal itself naturally, whilst at the same time aiding relaxation and in turn encouraging the body to rest and relax, creating a feeling of calm.


Reiki is a gentle but powerful way to support and enhance physical and emotional wellbeing. It is suitable for any age group.

 Reiki can be used on many levels for healing:

  • As a full body treatment for a deeper healing to release any energy blockages and relieve the ailments they cause

  • To stimulate the elimination systems of the body and promote detoxification

  • Stress relief, sleeplessness, emotional problems, feelings of unable to cope, balancing your chakras


£17 - 30 min session

£30 - 60 min session

Pregnancy Massage

This time in your life is special and exciting, at this crucial time it is important to care for your body. Expectant mothers need time to unwind and ease their aches and pains. A Pregnancy Massage is safe from 13 weeks to birth and is proven to bring about benefits to both mother and unborn baby.

30 mins £25.00

60 mins £45.00


The ultimate relaxation and restorative package . A combination treatment including  holistic facial, hot stone & holistic back massage, followed by reiki therapy.
Delivering 90 minutes of pure pampering, investing time in you.
Set in a calming, relaxing environment. Bespoke to meet your individual needs.
£45.00- 90 mins

Relaxing Massage

An individual blend of essential oils will be chosen especially for you, back massage techniques will be utilized to create a bespoke treatment. Varying pressure will be used throughout, from gentle and relaxing to firmer pressure for muscular aches and pains. The styles and techniques used during your treatment are Aromatherapy Massage
£20 - 30 mins

Hot Stones Massage

The deeply soothing effects of a hot stone massage combines the relaxing effects of hot volcanic basalt stones with holistic massage therapy techniques. Once the hot stones have warmed up your tissues, the deep strokes will disperse any tension held in your muscles. By the end, your muscles will be supple leaving you feeling calm and deeply relaxed.  

£25- 30 mins

Woman with Face Cream.jpg

A holistic facial is a great way to take care of your skin. It combines the benefits and techniques of a traditional facial with the relaxing effects of Aromatherapy.
A Holistic Facial uses Essential Oils and other natural products to help improve the condition of the skin, and aims to improve skin tone and texture through massage movements designed to increase circulation, leaving skin glowing. This relaxing treatment both stimulates and soothes the skins’ nerve endings, which can help to delay fine lines and wrinkles, and tones facial muscles. This treatment will improve your complexion and ease away stress leaving you feeling pampered and with an increased sense of well-being. 
£20.00 - 30 min

Colorful Crystal (1).jpg

The beautiful energies of the crystals will surround you during this wonderful therapy. A unique selection of crystals will be placed on and around you in a bespoke "layout" to promote self healing. The crystals all vibrate at different energetic levels, as these crystals interact with the body's energy field they can encourage the aura to cleanse itself and bring the chakras back into balance inspiring a sense of overall well being. £17- 30 mins

Relaxing Back Massage.jpg

This treatment offers a combination of hot stone and holistic back massage to relax, release and ease tension. The basalt stones are warmed in preparation for your treatment, the heat and energy from the stones are an ideal way combined with the holistic massage techniques to relax the muscles and ease away stresses, aches and pains.

The session ends with reiki therapy to support overall wellbeing across the whole body and mind.

£35.00- 60 mins


Ear Candles have been used for centuries. It is an ancient Native American treatment using natural ingredients rolled into a ‘candle’, placed into the ear and lit. The warm natural smoke swirls gently inside the candle to the eardrum and is drawn back up, bringing any impurities with it. Ear Candling is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears.

 30 minutes £22.00


The Crystal Facial is a treatment of the purest energies for mind, body and soul. 
Using Rose Quartz crystals plus rose essential oil, rosehip oil and rosewater to nourish the skin. Combining facial massage with rose quartz crystal wands to stimulate cell renewal, heal and re-energise the skin while promoting a feeling of wellbeing. 

 30 mins £25.00

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